Craft - Imperial Staff 60% High Five

Bestows one of the following functions: Empower, MP Regeneration, or Magic Hold.

Item ID 6366
Item icon weapon_imperial_staff_i00 Imperial Staff
Icon weapon_imperial_staff_i00
Consume MP 225
Success rate 60%
Skill icon skill0172 Create Item Level 9
Rare item production possible icon weapon_imperial_staff_i00 Foundation Imperial Staff x1
icon etc_recipe_black_i00 1 Recipe: Imperial Staff (60%)
icon etc_bark_blue_i00 17 Imperial Staff Head
icon etc_blacksmiths_frame_i00 4 Warsmith's Holder
icon etc_oriharukon_i00 121 Oriharukon
icon etc_squares_wood_i00 242 Durable Metal Plate
icon etc_compound_braid_i00 121 Compound Braid
icon etc_powder_white_i00 242 Coarse Bone Powder
icon etc_gem_red_i00 121 Enria
icon etc_crystal_gold_i00 210 Crystal (S-Grade)
icon etc_bead_silver_i00 43 Gemstone S