Craft - Sealed Vesper Earring 70% High Five

Seal can be removed by the Blacksmith of Mammon or Maestro Ishuma. When the seal is released, the effect is M. Def. +11 and MP+37.

Item ID 14160
Item icon vesper_earring_i01 Sealed Vesper Earring
Icon vesper_earring_i01
Consume MP 252
Success rate 70%
Skill icon skill0172 Create Item Level 9
Rare item production possible icon vesper_earring_i01 Sealed Vesper Earring of Chaos x1
icon etc_recipe_black_i00 1 Recipe - Sealed Vesper Earring (70%)
icon sealed_vesper_earring_gem 19 Sealed Vesper Earring Gem
icon etc_blacksmiths_frame_i00 1 Warsmith's Mold
icon etc_metallic_fiber_i00 320 Metallic Fiber
icon etc_potion_clear_i00 192 Varnish of Purity
icon etc_gem_clear_i00 64 Thons
icon etc_high_gem_black_i00 32 Leonard
icon etc_crystal_gold_i00 57 Crystal (S-Grade)
icon etc_bead_silver_i00 10 Gemstone S