Craft - Page 5 High Five

Name Success rate
icon weapon_cursed_dagger_i00 Cursed Dagger 100%
icon weapon_needle_wolverine_i00 Wolverine Needle 100%
icon weapon_darkelven_dagger_i00 Dark Elven Dagger 100%
icon weapon_chakram_i00 Chakram 100%
icon weapon_crystallized_ice_bow_i00 Crystallized Ice Bow 100%
icon weapon_orcish_glaive_i00 Orcish Glaive 100%
icon weapon_body_slasher_i00 Body Slasher 100%
icon weapon_shamshir_i00 Shamshir 100%
icon weapon_katana_i00 Katana 100%
icon weapon_bech_de_corbin_i00 Bec de Corbin 100%
icon weapon_spirits_sword_i00 Spirit Sword 100%
icon weapon_raid_sword_i00 Raid Sword 100%
icon weapon_cursed_staff_i00 Cursed Staff 100%
icon weapon_stiletto_i00 Stiletto 100%
icon weapon_dagger_of_magicflame_i00 Soulfire Dirk 100%
icon weapon_elemental_bow_i00 Elemental Bow 100%
icon weapon_noble_elven_bow_i00 Noble Elven Bow 100%
icon weapon_apprentices_spellbook_i00 Tears of Fairy 100%
icon weapon_horn_of_glory_i00 Horn of Glory 100%
icon weapon_caliburs_i00 Caliburs 100%
icon weapon_sword_of_delusion_i00 Sword of Delusion 100%
icon weapon_tsurugi_i00 Tsurugi 100%
icon weapon_homunkuluss_sword_i00 Homunkulus's Sword 100%
icon weapon_poleaxe_i00 Poleaxe 100%
icon weapon_sword_of_limit_i00 Sword of Limit 100%
icon weapon_sword_of_nightmare_i00 Sword of Nightmare 100%
icon weapon_deathbreath_sword_i00 Sword of Whispering Death 100%
icon weapon_war_axe_i00 War Axe 100%
icon weapon_nirvana_axe_i00 Nirvana Axe 100%
icon weapon_stick_of_eternity_i00 Stick of Eternity 100%
icon weapon_paradia_staff_i00 Paradia Staff 100%
icon weapon_inferno_staff_i00 Inferno Staff 100%
icon weapon_paagrio_hammer_i00 Pa'agrian Hammer 100%
icon weapon_sages_staff_i00 Sage's Staff 100%
icon weapon_club_of_nature_i00 Club of Nature 100%
icon weapon_mace_of_underworld_i00 Mace of Underworld 100%
icon weapon_grace_dagger_i00 Grace Dagger 100%
icon weapon_dark_screamer_i00 Dark Screamer 100%
icon weapon_fist_blade_i00 Fisted Blade 100%
icon weapon_akat_long_bow_i00 Akat Long Bow 100%
icon weapon_heathens_book_i00 Heathen's Book 100%
icon weapon_apprentices_spellbook_i00 Hex Doll 100%
icon weapon_paagrio_axe_i00 Pa'agrian Axe 100%
icon weapon_scorpion_i00 Scorpion 100%
icon weapon_widow_maker_i00 Widow Maker 100%
icon weapon_samurai_longsword_i00 Samurai Longsword 100%
icon weapon_deadmans_staff_i00 Deadman's Staff 100%
icon weapon_ghouls_staff_i00 Ghoul's Staff 100%
icon weapon_demons_staff_i00 Demon's Staff 100%
icon weapon_crystal_dagger_i00 Crystal Dagger 100%

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