Craft - Page 4 High Five

Name Success rate
icon weapon_temptation_of_abyss_i00 Temptation of Abyss 100%
icon weapon_spinebone_sword_i00 Spinebone Sword 100%
icon weapon_mace_of_judgment_i00 Mace of Judgment 100%
icon weapon_conjure_staff_i00 Conjuror's Staff 100%
icon weapon_elven_bow_i00 Elven Bow 100%
icon weapon_dwarven_trident_i00 Dwarven Trident 100%
icon weapon_two_handed_sword_i00 Two-Handed Sword 100%
icon weapon_spike_club_i00 Spiked Club 100%
icon weapon_knife_o'_silenus_i00 Shilen Knife 100%
icon weapon_gastraphetes_i00 Gastraphetes 100%
icon weapon_tome_of_blood_i00 Tome of Blood 100%
icon weapon_morning_star_i00 Morning Star 100%
icon weapon_goathead_staff_i00 Goat Head Staff 100%
icon weapon_winged_spear_i00 Winged Spear 100%
icon weapon_sword_of_revolution_i00 Sword of Revolution 100%
icon weapon_tarbar_i00 Tarbar 100%
icon weapon_skull_breaker_i00 Skull Breaker 100%
icon weapon_heavy_bone_club_i00 Heavy Bone Club 100%
icon weapon_maingauche_i00 Maingauche 100%
icon weapon_bichhwa_i00 Bich'Hwa 100%
icon weapon_strengthening_long_bow_i00 Reinforced Long Bow 100%
icon weapon_hammer_in_flames_i00 War Pick 100%
icon weapon_crucifix_of_blood_i00 Crucifix of Blood 100%
icon weapon_apprentices_spellbook_i00 Eye of Infinity 100%
icon weapon_maingauche_i01 Cursed Maingauche 100%
icon weapon_apprentices_spellbook_i00 Blue Crystal Skull 100%
icon weapon_demon_fangs_i00 Demon Fangs 100%
icon weapon_claymore_i00 Claymore 100%
icon weapon_bonebreaker_i00 Bonebreaker 100%
icon weapon_atuba_hammer_i00 Atuba Hammer 100%
icon weapon_ghost_staff_i00 Ghost Staff 100%
icon weapon_life_stick_i00 Staff of Life 100%
icon weapon_mithril_dagger_i00 Mithril Dagger 100%
icon weapon_scallop_jamadhr_i00 Scallop Jamadhr 100%
icon weapon_cyclone_bow_i00 Light Crossbow 100%
icon weapon_glaive_i00 Glaive 100%
icon weapon_apprentices_spellbook_i00 Vajra Wands 100%
icon weapon_apprentices_spellbook_i00 Ancient Reagent 100%
icon weapon_atuba_mace_i00 Atuba Mace 100%
icon weapon_flamberge_i00 Flamberge 100%
icon weapon_stormbringer_i00 Stormbringer 100%
icon weapon_big_hammer_i00 Big Hammer 100%
icon weapon_scythe_i00 Scythe 100%
icon weapon_battle_axe_i00 Battle Axe 100%
icon weapon_war_pick_i00 Silver Axe 100%
icon weapon_skull_graver_i00 Skull Graver 100%
icon weapon_heavy_doom_hammer_i00 Heavy Doom Hammer 100%
icon weapon_crystal_staff_i00 Crystal Staff 100%
icon weapon_stick_of_faith_i00 Stick of Faith 100%
icon weapon_heavy_doom_axe_i00 Heavy Doom Axe 100%