Craft - Page 3 High Five

Name Success rate
icon armor_t45_g_i00 Ogre Power Gauntlets 100%
icon shield_eldarake_i00 Eldarake 100%
icon armor_helmet_i00 Steel Plate Helmet 100%
icon armor_t47_u_i00 Plated Leather 100%
icon armor_t47_l_i00 Plated Leather Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t60_u_i00 Dwarven Chain Mail Shirt 100%
icon armor_t60_l_i00 Dwarven Chain Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t44_ul_i00 Robe of Seal 100%
icon armor_helmet_i00 Great Helmet 100%
icon shield_knight_shield_i00 Knight's Shield 100%
icon armor_short_leather_gloves_i00 Pa'agrian Hand 100%
icon armor_t57_b_i00 Crimson Boots 100%
icon armor_t49_u_i00 Rind Leather Armor 100%
icon armor_t49_l_i00 Rind Leather Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t61_ul_i00 Composite Armor 100%
icon shield_tower_shield_i00 Tower Shield 100%
icon armor_t54_u_i00 Demon's Tunic 100%
icon armor_t54_l_i00 Demon's Stockings 100%
icon armor_t61_g_i00 Mithril Gauntlets 100%
icon armor_iron_boots_i00 Forgotten Boots 100%
icon armor_circlet_i00 Shining Circlet 100%
icon armor_t63_u_i00 Theca Leather Armor 100%
icon armor_t63_l_i00 Theca Leather Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t62_ul_i00 Full Plate Armor 100%
icon armor_t21_ul_i00 Drake Leather Armor 100%
icon armor_t57_u_i00 Divine Tunic 100%
icon armor_t57_l_i00 Divine Stockings 100%
icon armor_circlet_i00 Mithril Helmet 100%
icon armor_cloth_helmet_i00 Cap of Mana 100%
icon armor_cloth_helmet_i00 Paradia Hood 100%
icon armor_cloth_helmet_i00 Hood of Solar Eclipse 100%
icon armor_cloth_helmet_i00 Hood of Summoning 100%
icon armor_cloth_helmet_i00 Elemental Hood 100%
icon armor_cloth_helmet_i00 Hood of Grace 100%
icon armor_cloth_helmet_i00 Phoenix Hood 100%
icon armor_cloth_helmet_i00 Hood of Aid 100%
icon armor_helmet_i00 Flame Helm 100%
icon weapon_chakram_i00 Pata 60%
icon armor_helmet_i00 Helm of Avadon 100%
icon armor_helmet_i00 Helmet of Pledge 100%
icon armor_gauntlet_i00 Gauntlets of Ghost 100%
icon armor_iron_boots_i00 Adamantite Boots 100%
icon etc_bone_quiver_i00 Bone Arrow 100%
icon etc_fine_steel_quiver_i00 Steel Arrow 100%
icon weapon_iron_hammer_i00 Iron Hammer 100%
icon weapon_sword_breaker_i00 Sword Breaker 100%
icon weapon_composition_bow_i00 Composite Bow 100%
icon weapon_saber_i00 Saber 100%
icon weapon_assassin_knife_i00 Assassin Knife 100%
icon weapon_trident_i00 Trident 100%

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