NPC - Zaken's Guard / Spoil High Five

NPC Info
Type: L2Monster
ID 21624 Level 50
Collision Radius 11 Collision Height 28.5
HP 1421 MP 747
HP Regen 5 MP Regen 2.1
Exp 3 SP 640
Physical Attack 305 Magical Attack 208
Physical Defence 200 Magical Defence 133
Critical 8 Speed Walk / Run 80 / 174
Attack Speed 253 Cast Speed 333
Attack Type DAGGER Attack Range 40
Basic stats
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 20
Attack Type UNHOLY Power -
Defence Fire 20 Defence Water 20
Defence Wind 20 Defence Earth 20
Defence Holy -32 Defence Dark 53
Item Grade Count Chance
etc_str_hena_i02 Greater Dye of STR
Greater Dye of STR . Collect and take 10 units of this type of magical dye to the symbol maker in town and you will receive a symbol that boosts your abilities tattooed onto your body. Can be used by all classes after completion of their second class transfer, and can be kept and used after the completion of the third class transfer as well.
1 1/159
etc_reagent_white_i00 Greater Healing Potion
A magical potion that quickly restores HP. Its effect lasts for 15 seconds.
1 62.94%
etc_gem_clear_i00 Earring of Seal Gemstone
A key material that Dwarves use to make an Earring of Seal. Can be sold in any shop.
1 1/6