NPC - Treant Bremec High Five

npc 31853
NPC Info
Type: L2FriendlyMob
ID 31853 Level 80
Collision Radius 23 Collision Height 90
HP 3290 MP 1674
HP Regen 8 MP Regen 3
Exp 1 SP 226
Physical Attack 970 Magical Attack 662
Physical Defence 341 Magical Defence 249
Critical 4 Speed Walk / Run 12 / 12
Attack Speed 253 Cast Speed 333
Attack Type SWORD Attack Range 40
Basic stats
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 20
Attack Type none Power -
Defence Fire 150 Defence Water 150
Defence Wind 150 Defence Earth 150
Defence Holy 150 Defence Dark 150
Skill Level
icon skill0000 HP Increase (1x) 1
icon skill0000 MP Increase (1x) 1
icon skill0141 Very Strong P. Atk. 16
icon skill4411_normal Very Strong M. Atk. 16
icon skill0142 Very Strong P. Def. 16
icon skill4413_normal Very Strong M. Def. 16
icon skill0000 Standard Type 2
icon skill0000 One-handed Sword 3
icon skill4296 Spirits 7
They are not necessarily creatures, but elemental energy beings. They basically belong to the 4 elements, which are water, fire, wind, and earth, but they also dwell in natural objects. They are known to be governed by the gods of water, fire, wind, and earth.
quest icon Wrath of Verdure
The olen treants guarding the Elven Forest seek revenge on the goblins that damaged the forest. So far the sly goblins have managed to escape punishment. Treant Bremec asks for your help. Defeat the goblins and return the clubs that they stole to Treant Bremec and you shall be rewarded. Hunt the goblin raider.
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