Quest - Letters of Love High Five

Darin, a young man on Talking Island, carries a torch for Gatekeeper Roxxy, who doesn't return his affections. However, Darin is not so easily dissuaded.

ID 1
Contact NPCDarin
Min. Level2
Max. Level5

Darin of Talking Island Village has fallen in love with Gatekeeper Roxxy. He is too shy to express his feelings and asks you to deliver his love letter to her.

Roxxy reads Darin's letter and tells you that she admires him as well. She asks you to deliver her kerchief to him. Take Roxxy's kerchief to Darin in the village square.


Darin is overjoyed to learn that Roxxy returns his admiration, and says he wants to ask her for a date. He asks you to go and get a love potion promised to him by Magister Baulro at the temple.

Magister Baulro admits that he deceived Darin about the potion in order to bolster his courage. He gives you a medicine bottle filled with tap water. Take it to Darin in the village square.