Quest - Into the World High Five

One road is open to all who wish to see the world!

ID 10
Contact NPCBalanki
Min. Level3
Max. Level10
Class(es)Dwarven Fighter, Scavenger, Bounty Hunter, Artisan, Warsmith, Fortune Seeker, Maestro

Silver Scale's Balanki permits a trip if the traveler passes his test. Go see Warehouse Chief Reed.

Warehouse Chief Reed asks you to take a necklace he made to Priest of the Earth Gerald. While you are meeting with the priest, find out to whom the mining rights will be granted.

Although you gave him the gift, Gerald did not offer you any information in detail. Return to Warehouse Chief Reed and tell him what you found out.

You've got the permission from Warehouse Chief Reed. Return to Silver Scale's Balanki and start your trip.