Quest - Path to Becoming a Lord - Giran High Five

You must get support from those who are very influential in the Giran territory in order to be a Lord. How do you gain the support from them?

ID 710
Contact NPCSaul

Saul says you must be recognized by local forces in a territory in order to become a Lord. You should meet those who are in power in order to be recognized. Saul will give you more information a little later. Let's wait.


The most influential person in the Giran territory is Warehouse Chief Gesto who is at the center of logistics. Let's go to see Gesto.


Gesto says a ship departed from Gludin has not arrived at Giran Harbor yet. Gesto says he will give his support if you find a cause and resolve the matter. Let's go find a clue. First of all, let's go to see Felton, the Wharf Manager, at the Giran Harbor.


Felton asks to search nearby a reef at the Devil's Isle since the ship could have run on the reef.

Something looks as a freight box is discovered. We should take the seal off from the outside and send it to Gesto.


Your messenger met with Gesto. Gesto claims the freight is his, but we still need to investigate if this was done by the pirates of Devil's Isle. Let's inspect the freight box again.

Some marks on the box and rotting flesh stuck in gaps have been found. After all, it must be what pirates at the Devil's Isle have done. Let's sweep the pirates and find over 300 freight boxes of Gesto. Monsters to be hunted - Monsters of the Devil's Isle

We were able to sweep pirates somewhat and retrieve freight boxes requested by Gesto. Let's gather these and bring them to Gesto.


We gained Gesto's trust. Let's return to Saul.