Quests - Page 2 High Five


Name Level NPC Required Repeatable Party
quest Revenge of the Redbonnet 4+ Maryse Redbonnet - Yes No
quest Recover Smuggled Goods 5+ Wilford - No No
quest Wrath of Ancestors 5+ Livina [click me] Yes No
quest Brigands Sweep 5+ Spiron [click me] Yes No
quest The Guard is Busy 6+ Gilbert - Yes No
quest Orc Hunting 6+ Rayen [click me] Yes No
quest Bonds of Slavery 6+ Kristin [click me] Yes No
quest Invaders of the Holy Land 6+ Varkees [click me] Yes No
quest Head for the Hills! 6+ Marcela - Yes No
quest The Hidden Veins 6+ Filaur [click me] Yes No
quest Trade with the Ivory Tower 8+ Vollodos - Yes No
quest Orc Subjugation 8+ Kayleen [click me] Yes No
quest Collect Spores 8+ Herbiel - Yes No
quest Sword of Solidarity 9+ Roien [click me] No No
quest Skirmish with the Werewolves 9+ Brukurse [click me] Yes No
quest Spirit of Craftsman 10+ Karrod [click me] No No
quest Spirit of Mirrors 10+ Gallint [click me] No No
quest Skirmish with the Orcs 10+ Kendell [click me] No No
quest Forgotten Truth 10+ Thifiell [click me] No No
quest Merciless Punishment 10+ Hatos [click me] No No
quest Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss 10+ Gouph [click me] No No
quest Shards of Golem 10+ Harrys - No No
quest The Way of the Warrior 10+ Kekropus [click me] No No
quest Covert Business 10+ Keef [click me] Yes No
quest Collect Arrowheads 10+ Minia - Yes No
quest Bones Tell the Future 10+ Kaitar [click me] Yes No
quest Legacy of the Poet 11+ Starden [click me] No No
quest Dark Winged Spies 11+ Tantus [click me] Yes No
quest Muertos Feather 11+ Trevor - Yes No
quest Dreaming of the Skies 11+ Arin - Yes No
quest Scent of Death 11+ Minaless - Yes No
quest Sea of Spores Fever 12+ Alberius [click me] No No
quest Protect the Water Source 12+ Asterios [click me] No No
quest Curse of the Underground Fortress 12+ Unoren [click me] No No
quest Go Get the Calculator 12+ Brunon - Yes No
quest Cure for Fever 15+ Elias - No No
quest Millennium Love 15+ Lilith - No No
quest Dwarven Kinship 15+ Carlon - No No
quest Offspring of Nightmares 15+ Vlasty [click me] No No
quest Request from the Farm Owner 15+ Edmond - Yes No
quest Collector's Dream 15+ Alshupes - Yes No
quest Traces of Evil 15+ Kunai - Yes No
quest Totem of the Hestui 15+ Tanapi [click me] Yes No
quest Gatekeeper's Offering 15+ Tamil - Yes No
quest The Few, The Proud, The Brave 15+ Perwan - Yes No
quest Tarantula's Spider Silk 15+ Mion [click me] Yes No
quest Gatekeeper's Favor 15+ Wirphy - Yes No
quest Grim Collector 15+ Curtis - Yes No
quest Bard's Mandolin 15+ Swan - Yes No
quest Sorrowful Sound of Flute 15+ Nanarin - Yes No