Craft - Page 2 High Five

Name Success rate
icon accessary_mithril_ring_i00 Mithril Ring 100%
icon accessary_necklace_of_darkness_i00 Necklace of Darkness 100%
icon accessary_moonstone_earing_i00 Moonstone Earring 100%
icon accessary_aquastone_ring_i00 Aquastone Ring 100%
icon accessary_aquastone_necklace_i00 Aquastone Necklace 100%
icon accessary_earing_of_protection_i00 Earring of Protection 100%
icon accessary_ring_of_protection_i00 Ring of Protection 100%
icon accessary_necklace_of_protection_i00 Necklace of Protection 100%
icon accessary_earing_of_binding_i00 Earring of Seal 100%
icon accessary_ring_of_ages_i00 Ring of Ages 100%
icon accessary_necklace_of_mermaid_i00 Necklace of Mermaid 100%
icon accessary_necklace_of_binding_i00 Necklace of Seal 100%
icon accessary_nassens_earing_i00 Nassen's Earring 100%
icon accessary_sages_ring_i00 Sage's Ring 100%
icon accessary_sages_necklace_i00 Sage's Necklace 100%
icon armor_t30_u_i00 Hard Leather Shirt 100%
icon armor_t30_l_i00 Hard Leather Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t30_b_i00 Boots 100%
icon armor_t09_b_i00 Leather Boots 100%
icon armor_leather_helmet_i00 Bone Helmet 100%
icon armor_t16_l_i00 Dark Stockings 100%
icon armor_t09_g_i00 Crafted Leather Gloves 100%
icon armor_t08_u_i00 Scale Mail 100%
icon armor_t16_u_i00 White Tunic 100%
icon armor_t08_l_i00 Scale Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t10_u_i00 Mithril Banded Mail 100%
icon armor_t10_l_i00 Mithril Banded Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t10_b_i00 Iron Boots 100%
icon armor_t43_u_i00 Brigandine Tunic 100%
icon armor_t42_u_i00 Manticore Skin Shirt 100%
icon armor_t42_l_i00 Manticore Skin Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t51_u_i00 Mithril Tunic 100%
icon armor_t51_l_i00 Mithril Stockings 100%
icon armor_t40_g_i00 Rip Gauntlets 100%
icon shield_kite_shield_i00 Kite Shield 100%
icon armor_t40_b_i00 Boots of Power 100%
icon armor_t46_g_i00 Mithril Plate Gloves 100%
icon armor_t46_u_i00 Half Plate Armor 100%
icon armor_t46_l_i00 Plate Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t45_ul_i00 Salamander Skin Mail 100%
icon armor_t44_ul_i00 Sage's Rag 100%
icon armor_t53_l_i00 Karmian Stockings 100%
icon armor_helmet_i00 Chain Helmet 100%
icon shield_square_shield_i00 Square Shield 100%
icon armor_t44_b_i00 Assault Boots 100%
icon armor_t47_b_i00 Reinforced Mithril Boots 100%
icon armor_t48_u_i00 Chain Mail Shirt 100%
icon armor_t48_l_i00 Chain Gaiters 100%
icon armor_t47_u_i00 Mithril Shirt 100%
icon armor_t53_u_i00 Karmian Tunic 100%